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Upholstery panels

As manufacturer we use various panels. The most popular of them - laminated chipboard (MFC). This type of plate are produced in Lithuania and also imported from different countries, so you can choose from many different manufacturers.

When producing furniture, we mostly use a 10 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm thick wood particle boards, produced by "Wodego (Germany), Kronopol (Poland), THERMOPAL (Germany), Egger (Austria) and Pfleiderer (Poland) factories.

Wodego Thermopal Kronopol

 Egger Pfleider

There are certain standards that must be met by all produced plates, so the client usually choose it according to price.

At present moment, in production of furniture the most popular is laminated chipboard. These laminated panels can be applied in two ways:

1. Melting the melamine resin impregnated paper - their so-called laminated board;

2. First laminate is produced: multiple layers of melamine resin paper-retted compressed in high temperature and with high pressure. Then top decorative layer is covered with a transparent film which gives the surface more resistance. Subsequently, the produced laminate is applied to the plates.

Although visually high-pressure laminate coated plate almost indistinguishable from just laminated (the first option), but it is much more resistant. High-pressure laminate coated surfaces usually used as worktop. Various manufacturers of high pressure laminate resistance varies.

In Lithuania this material commonly used in kitchen worktop. It is very fit for producing office desk, but in this case, the choice is mainly caused by the price. Furniture quality depends on the production technology. It is very important that the edges should be properly selected and sealed.

Panels can be also covered with natural wood veneer (plywood). In this case, all the practical features depends on the varnish, in which plate is covered up. It should be noted that sunlight change varnished surface color more than laminated. Natural wood veneer - a widely used material. You can choose from numerous timber imitations. It is not easy to distinguish natural from artificial material, because each sheet of veneer has unique texture and color, and there is also always a possibility to renew it. And that's just a few facts, separating the natural shell of its imitation.

Medium-density wood fiber board (MDF) production and usage is growing rapidly. Mainly they are used when client wants color painted surfaces. They can be milled and painted easier. Or they can be laminated. Since there is no need to seal the edges, we can produce curved surface line that makes produced furniture forms more plastic. MDF panels must be painted with several layers of paint to become particularly resistant.

All materials that we use in the production is one of the highest quality and meets all standards.