Fittings for furniture or decorative details has a huge range of the nuances in selection. Without fittings it is impossible to produce any piece of furniture or integrate any equipment. Modern furniture made of various materials - wood panels, metal, wood, glass elements used in many plastics. In addition we can use a lot of different material, such as glass fiber, metal profiles, wire or stone. Therefore, fittings manufacturers are forced to look for new solutions to both ease assemble of furniture and comfort for people using them. To produce modern fittings and specific elements, providers use very precise metal-working machine tools, high-quality metal and weatherproof plastic. Therefore, users can now choose high quality manufactured pipes, hooks, washers and aluminum door.

Standard items, such as supports, dampers, closures, fasteners, lath, feet, legs, handles, etc., Can be produced in a variety of colors and textures. As a result, such details may be adapted not only to new models, but also in renovation of older model of furniture.

Producing furniture, we always use only the highest quality furniture accessories and fittings. Our main partners is Blum (Austria), Häfele (Germany), Hettich (Germany), Grass (Austria) and FGV (Italy).

Blum Hafele Hettichhttp://de.academic.ru/pictures/dewiki/50/250px-Logo_Grass_svg.png FGV

We always recommend that you choose from high-quality metal or plastic-made mounts, pins, bushings and others. All our used fittings are robust and durable.

Another important use of our fittings application area - the mechanisms and structures. With new technologies and materials, we are using innovative solutions to produce fitting parts for furniture: outboard and sliding door mechanisms, rails, flexible brackets and spherical supports locks. Parts of furniture with right fittings can be transformed in several directions and also to the required trajectory. Furniture with modern fittings convenient to use, pulling drawers or shelves, they are a much quieter, mechanisms of moving parts serves significantly longer period of time and can withstand heavy loads.

By creating an individual project or exceptional furniture, we use a lot of both conventional and non-standard racks, clutches, couplings. Fittings, accessories, parts, decorative elements often appear in the most prominent parts of the room, so such fittings made not only high reliability, quality, but also aesthetic requirements.

In addition we offer additional equipment, inseparable from the modern furniture - liners dryers, baskets, litter boxes, office accessories, blinds and their components. When designing the furniture, we pay special attention to lighting, integrated luminaires, switches, sockets, other electric wiring components.

When producing furniture we use only high-quality materials and fittings.