Furniture design

Individual project

Furniture design and interior design by individual project gives a house, apartment or office a unique, distinct and memorable image. And it's not only one individually manufactured furniture advantage compared with conventional furniture. Very often individually made furniture are cheaper than similar in furniture store. To produce furniture by individual project covers all the nuances of usage, taking into account the specificities of house or office and owners habits and preferences. “Algimanto baldai” Ltd. specialists can help to find a suitable location in the room for each new piece of furniture.

Ideal accuracy

At your request, our specialists will arrive to your home or office and perform all the necessary measurements which may be required in the designing of furniture. Then the computer project will be drawn and by it we will produce your furniture. Professional measurements ensure that the furniture is ideal for your room. Accurate room measurements are particularly important in manufacture of kitchen and bathroom furniture.

The possibility to choose the materials and their combinations

When ordering furniture by individual project, you can choose the materials and their combinations according to your wishes and financial possibilities. The color, style, texture and decoration - everything is adapted to the interior of the room and the whole house style. Our experts will advise you and will design and produce varying degrees of difficulty and any color gamut furniture.


“Algimanto baldai” Ltd. specialists gives you the opportunity to see how the furniture will look before ordering them. According to you, we ​​quickly and efficiently prepare and provide you with three-dimensional visualization of the future. We can portray each item in detail, color and its texture. Seeing the visualization, decision will be even easier.