We offer not only furniture, but also provide related services

"Algimanto baldai" Ltd. is a company that fully take care of your furniture and household equipment. We not only design, we produce, deliver and install the furniture, but we also mount household appliances, bathroom fixtures, install lighting, adjust the electrical, plumbing and ventilation inlets, vents.

Sometimes we are faced with such a situation: people ordering new furniture sees that the current electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems layout is not very handy, then we have to adjust and reinstall it. We are always happy to help. Contact us, ask questions, will be happy to advise you on the necessary work that is need to be done.

What is necessary to evaluate

Keep in mind that the installation of kitchen furniture always result in extra cost: water valves, hose, Siphon sinks, ventilation ducts, electric cables and so on. We add accessories and the installation cost to the prices of furniture.

"Algimanto baldai" Ltd. can provide additional services and propose the necessary accessories. Full service package usually consists of 8 to 12 percent of the furniture price.

Furniture price consist of

Furniture prices can be significantly adjusted in terms of the materials and fittings selected. It depends on what fittings you choose, furniture prices can fluctuate up to 80 percent!

Panels for the production of furniture have different values as well. The most expensive - solid wood. Then, according to the expensiveness: chipboard (particle board), veneer covered with wood; painted medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and the cheapest laminated chipboard (MFC).

Kitchen, bathroom and patio furniture have to be made only from high quality and durable materials. This furniture is experiencing a lot of different and more intense effect than other furniture.

Qualified manufacturer is key to success

One of the main criteria for choosing new furniture - it's the furniture manufacturer's reputation. By selecting a fair and qualified producers who are responsible for the entire process, from measuring to installation, you win not only a better price, but also a better quality. Qualified manufacturer will not spare detailed explanations, professional advice and sincere smile.